Trump Campaign Files Election Lawsuit In New Mexico

( On Monday, the day that the Electoral College technically voted for Joe Biden, President Donald Trump’s campaign announced a fresh lawsuit in New Mexico challenging the results of the presidential election.

It’s just the latest in a series of efforts taken by the president to ensure election integrity and to stop the inauguration of a new president won off the back of election fraud and misconduct.

The lawsuit filed by the campaign challenges the results over the state’s use of ballot “drop boxes” that were left in the street, unobserved, where people were able to simply drop off their ballots.

In the suit, the president’s lawyers say that the New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver violated state laws by letting voters leave their ballots outside of polling stations. According to state law, the suit claims, voters must hand their ballot to a presiding election judge.

The drop boxes were used all over the country, in an attempt to avoid people from crowding in large numbers at polling places. It was one of several measures put in place because of COVID-19, and which also compromised the security of the election. Drop boxes were heavily criticized because they were considered to be an unsafe way of storing ballots, completely unobserved and often in the middle of the street.

President Trump’s lawyers say that the drop boxes should have been installed according to the same “secured container” rules stipulated in the election code for alternative ballot returning options. The code says that secured containers need to be monitored through video surveillance cameras, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the boxes were treated as “in person” and “alternative voting” locations.

Trump’s lawyers asked the court to delay the certification of the state’s election results or, alternatively, ask the New Mexico legislature to appoint electors instead. However, as Monday came and went, the electors technically voted for Joe Biden. GOP electors also turned up and signed their support for President Donald Trump, in a move that could potentially allow President Trump to hit the 270 threshold in the event that the courts do step in and decertify the results in the state.

With barely over a month until inauguration day, however, time is running out and the Trump legal team has a huge challenge on its hands.