Trump Campaign: Minnesota And New Mexico “In Play” For 2020

( – Things are looking good for President Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2020 election, with his campaign manager reportedly telling Senate Republicans that he believes two states won by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 could be “in play” this time around.

Presenting cost estimates and voter information to Senate Republicans, Brad Parscale explained how Minnesota and New Mexico are within touching distance for the president in the upcoming race. Parscale spoke at the National Republican Senatorial Committee and showed how the electoral map could transform dramatically in November.

Republican Senator John Boozman of Arkansas, who attended the event, told Politico that the Trump campaign has been “working hard.”

“He’s very meticulous and is working hard to put a plan in place,” he said.

Senator Steve Daines of Montana also said, “They are more than ready for 2020…They’re going to be expanding the map.”

It sounds like the Trump campaign is confident of not just winning again in 2020, but trashing whatever Democratic candidate comes through the debates unscathed. Faced with the prospect of going up against a socialist or a billionaire that lacks the charisma of President Trump, the Republicans have a lot to look forward to.

Senator Bill Cassidy expanded on the Republican’s prospects, stating, “They’ve been working hard, whereas last time was kind of spontaneous, this time has been fully prepared.”

“They’ve got states, the pathway to victory that we all know they have, and they may be expanding the field some.”

This time around, President Trump has a much better idea of what voters would be willing to lend him their support. In the 2016 election, it was difficult for the Republicans to plan where a billionaire celebrity could win. Luckily, the populist message of the president resonated throughout the country and Trump managed to take seats that were presumed to be shoo-ins for Hillary Clinton.

During the meeting, Parscale showed Senators data relating to minority support for the president, as well as the positivity emanating from the rallies he holds throughout the years. However, he did not offer a view about which candidate for the Democrats is likely to win. Instead, he expressed general positivity about the campaign regardless of who wins.