Trump Predicts Pelosi Will Lose House AGAIN!

( – Nancy Pelosi still hasn’t recovered from the storm she caused when she tore up the State of the Union speech. Turns out, people don’t like it when you tear up a speech that honors the amazing work of brave American people, including a WWII veteran!

Now, things are just getting worse for her, as President Donald Trump predicts that Pelosi is once again going to lose the House. And he could be right…

In a tweet on February 10, Trump predicted that a result of the failed impeachment plot, far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would contest Chuck Schumer in a primary and win. He also predicted that Jerry Nadler will lose the primary to another far-left candidate and that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will lose the House.

Polls show he could be right. As the Democrats are increasingly seen as far-left ideologues and progressives who only care about taking down the president, swing voters are turning to Trump. According to a new Monmouth poll, the president’s approval rating in swing counties has risen to 52%.

Incredible, given the Democrats behave as if Trump is representative of a small fringe of extremists.

Trump made similar comments during an event with TV news anchors before he gave his State of the Union speech, stating that he thinks AOC will run against Schumer…and that she’ll “kick his ass.”

Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, published a piece in The Hill in which he made the same prediction as Trump. He predicted that the Republicans will manage to hold the Senate and that the Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives.

“Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives and Pelosi will become the first speaker to become former speaker twice, ending her political career,” he said.

And, if they lose, they’ll only have themselves to blame!

Beyond the Monmouth poll for swing states, RealClearPolitics also showed approval ratings for Trump of 45.5%.

Things are adding up for a 2020 Republican victory.