Trump Shatters Record With Greatest Market Increase

( President Donald Trump oversaw the strongest American economy in history during his first term, and a new report from The Gateway Pundit reveals that he also shattered records with “the greatest market increase in US history.”

The outlet described how, even with the COVID-19 lockdowns from March 2020, President Trump managed to turn the economy around and oversaw the “greatest bull market and the greatest bear market reversal in history.”

The Gateway Pundit also described how it is unlikely that the records will ever be broken again.

Markets reportedly increased by 12,855 points from the day that President Trump won the election in 2016, to his last day in office on January 20, 2021.

“No President has seen the DOW increase so much in such little time,” the outlet explained.

Over the past year since lockdowns began, the markets saw the same level of increase, rising from a low of 18,592 on March 23.

“The largest increase any President oversaw previously was Obama who saw the markets increase 6,658 between December 2013 and December, 2018,” they reported. “But this includes an increase of more than 1,400 points after the Trump win in the 2016 election and the end of 2018.”

Some other notable records broken by former President Trump include the largest single-day increase in DOW in history on March 24, 2020, when it rose by 2,113.

The former president also set the record for the most all-time highs in one year, with 71 all-time highs in 2017.

That’s what lowering taxes does!

Trump also set the record for the biggest annual increase in DOW in history in 2019, and tied with legendary former President Ronald Reagan for the most daily all-time highs in a row, hitting 12 in February 2017.

Just imagine how strong the American economy would still be if Democrats didn’t force states to lock down and for businesses to close…and if President Donald Trump was still in office.

Looking at data alone, it’s impossible to disagree that President Donald Trump was the best president in stock market history…and no matter what the Democrats say, a good stock market means good retirement accounts and a strong economy.