Trump Takes On Twitter Over Fake “Manipulated Media” Policy

( – President Donald Trump and his 2020 reelection campaign publicly attacked Twitter this week over their insane policy of labeling a clipped video as “manipulated media.”

The move comes after the social media giant put a disclaimer on a clipped video of former Vice President Joe Biden that claimed the video was manipulated. In reality, it had simply been cut short to emphasize the egregious section.

The Daily Caller obtained a statement from the Trump campaign on Wednesday. It reads:

“As of Wednesday at 2pm ET, the Trump campaign has not received any response from Twitter to our letter sent Monday. This delay is wildly discouraging, given that Twitter has taken it upon itself to start policing video clips, yet has provided zero insight into their decision-making.”

“Three critical questions remain unanswered: Why was the Trump campaign’s video labeled “manipulated” when it was unaltered? Why has the doctored and deceptively edited Biden campaign video not received a “manipulated” label? Most importantly, would Joe Biden’s video still had been given a free pass if it had been posted after the new policy took effect?

In the middle of a presidential campaign, Twitter has a clear responsibility to inform everyone what their new enforcement standards are, and to equally apply those standards to all parties. Unless Twitter is seeking to become a tool for the Democrat Party to censor content they don’t like, they must answer the above questions as soon as possible.”

Strong (and important!) words from the Trump campaign. But will Twitter care?

The video of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that initiated the controversy showed him struggling to even read from a teleprompter. Biden got confused and accidentally endorsed President Trump.

Twitter has yet to explain how a clipped video can be considered “manipulated.” Under these rules, it means every single user who doesn’t post a video in its entirety will be guilty of sharing fake news propaganda.

Will Twitter, therefore, increase its maximum video upload size to ensure people can abide by their new rules? Likely not.

The hypocrisy of this case is striking when one considers the Biden campaign video, which was published on Twitter, that clipped two videos together to make it appear as if President Trump was calling the coronavirus a hoax. This entirely false claim was proven to be untrue, as the president was, in fact, referring to how the Democrats have lied about his handling of the viral outbreak.

Regardless, the video was not labeled as misleading or manipulated by Twitter because it was uploaded before the new rule was put into place.