Trump Targeted By Angry Mob In Motorcade

( Donald Trump returned to New York City this week, the first time he’s been there since leaving the White House. And he was greeted not by supporters but by angry protesters.

The former president arrived on Sunday night around 9 p.m. to the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Reports say there was one supporter there waiting for him, standing across the street with various press members. Trump waved at the supporter from his SUV before he entered the building.

Outside the building, there was also a group of angry people who were calling for Trump to be arrested. A report by the Independent said some of the signs that they were holding read “Arrest Trump,” “Indict Trump,” and “Florida Man Go Home.”

The ironic thing about the signs is that Trump is a native New Yorker. He was born in Queens and lived in the city for much of his life until he became president in 2017. Following his time in the White House, he has mostly lived in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

There was no given reason for why Trump was returning to New York City, and he did so without his wife Melania. His is expected to remain in the city until Tuesday, reports said.

It’s possible, though, that Trump is tending to some legal matters in New York City.

Cyrus Vance Jr., the district attorney of Manhattan, has been conducting a probe into Trump’s business dealings for more than 18 months now. The investigation is into alleged hush-money payments that were made to women who were connected to the former president, as well as whether his company ever manipulated the value of assets it held for gains in taxes and loans.

Up until recently, the Supreme Court had blocked a few subpoenas to gain access to Trump’s tax returned. On February 25, though, Vance’s office was given the tax records after the Supreme Court allowed it to happen.

In addition to his potential legal woes in New York City, the state of New York is going after Trump as well. Letitia James, the Democratic attorney general for the state, is conducting a civil investigation in the former president and his company.

That probe is focusing on the same things as Vance’s as well as some of the Trump Organization’s tax deductions. One such deduction in question is $1 million in write-offs for various consulting fees, and some of them went to his daughter, Ivanka.

James also won a few court rulings that allowed her office to obtain various records from the law firm that represents the Trump Organization.

Once Trump is finished up in New York City this week, he’s expected to return to Florida and Mar-a-Lago, a resort he owns in Palm Beach. That has been his permanent residence since he changed it from New York in 2019.

Residents there have been challenging his residency at the resort, as an agreement he made with the town back in 1993 prohibits people from staying at the resort for more than seven days in a row and more than 21 days a year.

After a brief spout over the residency requirements, residents agreed to allow Trump to live there full time.