U.S. Senate Meets To Discuss “SolarWinds Hack”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- The United States Senate will reportedly hold a hearing on February 23 to discuss the recent hacking of United States businesses and federal government agencies. Executives from the SolarWinds IT security software company will be invited to testify at the hearing, potentially helping establish how foreign hackers were able to gain such invasive access to government agencies.

Executives from FireEye, CrowdStrike, and Microsoft will also be invited to the hearing, according to a Senate announcement issued on Thursday.

Microsoft recently shed new light on the very serious SolarWinds hack that was revealed last year. The tech company’s president, Brad Smith, revealed how 500 engineers at Microsoft were tasked with investigating the hack, and have concluded that more than 1,000 developers were involved in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the SolarWinds software.

The hack affected dozens of Fortune 500 firms and is believed to have been organized by the Russian military hacking group known as “Cozy Bear.”

Hackers utilized a vulnerability in SolarWinds’ network monitoring software that was used by hundreds of thousands of different entities and organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and even the National Security Agency.

The irony.

A Reuters report also revealed on Thursday how the hackers responsible for the massive intrusion on American government agencies studied Microsoft source code for email and authentication to assist with gaining unlawful access to business and government accounts. It followed the release of a blog post by Microsoft revealing how their internal investigation found that Azure cloud program source code was studied, along with Exchange email software.

Microsoft also revealed how some source code was downloaded, which gave hackers freedom to search for vulnerabilities in the software.

President Joe Biden will reportedly take new executive action in response to the leak.

More executive action from President Biden? Who could have guessed!

Anne Neuberger, the White House Deputy National Security Adviser for Cyber and Emerging Technology, said during a press briefing this week that hackers breached nine federal agencies and more than 100 private sector firms.

“We are working on close to about a dozen things, likely eight, to be part of an upcoming executive action to address the gaps we’ve identified in our review of this incident,” she said.

We will be sure to update you on the upcoming hearings, and what action the Senate may also take on securing American government agencies in the face of an unprecedented number of foreign government-sponsored cyberattacks.