U.S. Stops Sharing Intel With Qatar Due To Link With Iran

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- British Member of Parliament Ian Paisley Jr. reportedly told other members of the House of Commons last week that the United States has stopped sharing military intelligence with Qatar. The Jerusalem Post reported the news on Thursday, describing how Paisley said the decision was made because of the nation’s close ties to Iran.

According to Paisley, the information was obtained from Cornerstone Global Associates, a British geopolitical risk company that describes how the United States government were concern about Qatar’s connections to terrorism supported by Iran.

In a report, the firm warned that Israel’s new political relationships win the Gulf, following a series of historic Middle East peace deals pushed through by President Donald Trump, could potentially have made Qatar less willing to cooperate with other Arab states.

It’s just one of many intricate moving parts in establishing peace in the Middle East, which starts with the normalization of trading and business links with Israel.

Qatar has reportedly increased its cooperation with Turkey and Iran, with new media campaigns in the region pumping our propaganda against the United States.

Conservative Review also reports that a new lawsuit from American families living in Israel alleges that banks in Qatar have established a new backchannel with terrorists in Palestine who are responsible for the deaths of many U.S. citizens.

The suit against the Qatari royal family says that they engaged in a “terrorism financing conspiracy” that sent large sums of money to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad – two terrorist organizations. The plaintiffs accuse the Qatar National Bank of facilitating the transfer of these funds since 2014 through a series of bank accounts, and that the funds directly enabled at last seven attacks that have resulted in American deaths.

Qatar is the next sticking point in establishing peace in the Middle East, and while President Donald Trump has proven he is willing to move mountains to make that happen, a possible Joe Biden administration arriving in January could change those fortunes.

Qatar has the largest military base in the whole fo the Middle East, making this particularly tricky.