UK PM Boris Johnson’s Condition Improving, “Sitting Up in Bed” in Hospital

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is “sitting up in bed” in hospital and his condition is “improving” after being diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus, according to the British Chancellor.

During a Wednesday press conference, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that Johnson will remain in intensive care at St Thomas hospital in London, but that he appears to be getting better.

“The Prime Minister is not only my colleague and my boss but also my friend, and my thoughts are with him and his family,” Sunak said during the daily press conference.

The news came hours after the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson confirmed to the media that Johnson remains “clinically stable” and is in “good spirits.”

British media reported that Johnson was moved to intensive care on Monday at the London hospital as his condition began to worsen.

It was later reported that the Prime Minister was not on a ventilator but that the equipment remained on standby as his condition wasn’t good. The Prime Minister’s office released an official statement confirming he was suffering “persistent symptoms of coronavirus” and that he was “moved to the Intensive Care Unit” on the advice of his medical team as a precautionary measure.

The Prime Minister is now reportedly receiving “standard oxygen treatment” and is breathing without assistance.

The United Kingdom is expected to reach peak infection and deaths within the coming days and weeks. As of Tuesday, more than 7,000 people have died in hospital in the United Kingdom after being diagnosed with COVID19. The day saw a further 938 people die as a result of the disease, the biggest 24-hour increase until that point.

Johnson’s spokesperson did not confirm whether his high temperature and cough had gone away, and there has been some confusion about whether he has been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Unlike the United States, the Prime Minister is considered “first among equals” in the British cabinet meaning there is no immediate deputy to take over the Prime Minister’s role while he is in hospital. It is the responsibility of Her Majesty the Queen to choose a deputy Prime Minister in the event that Johnson’s condition gets worse. Until then, the British Cabinet continues working under the direction of Johns