VIDEO: BLM Riots Erupt In Wisconsin After Black Cop Cleared In Court

( Violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists began smashing up Wisconsin on Wednesday night after a black police officer was cleared of any wrongdoing after fatally shooting a teenager who was firing a gun.

Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah, a Black American, shot 17-year-old Alvin Cole in February of this year after responding to a disturbance reported at a shopping center. Cole fled from police officers with a stolen handgun and fired a shot as he fled.

The teenager ignored the repeated commands to drop the gun.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm published a 14-page letter explaining why the officer acted appropriately.

“He did not surrender the weapon and was fired upon by Officer Mensah causing his death,” the District Attorney wrote. “There is sufficient evidence that Officer Mensah had an actual subjective belief that deadly force was necessary and that belief was objectively reasonable.”

Despite the clear evidence, Democrat-supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists took to the streets of Wisconsin and caused a huge amount of damage. It was just one of hundreds of so-called “racial justice” protests to have taken place in the United States this year.

Video footage shows how extremists harassed people in their homes in Wauwatosa, blasting loud horns and even throwing projectiles through windows.

Not content with harassing homeowners, rioters also began looting gas stations in Milwaukee.

See for yourself.

Bizarrely, a cashier in a store even reportedly gave bags to looters so they could more easily carry away the goods they stole.

Which part of this achieves “racial justice” exactly?

The riots became so bad that police officers were ultimately compelled to use tear gas to forcefully disperse the crowds after they “continued to disobey lawful orders to disperse.”

A curfew had already been called before the protests erupted into riots, and hundreds of National Guards made at the ready. The guards were put in place before the decision was reached, as local officials fully expected left-wing rioters to begin destroying the neighborhood if the police officer wasn’t sent to prison.