VIDEO: Pro-Biden Antifa Activists Brutally Attack Trump Supporters In Washington

( During a peaceful pro-Trump demonstration, calling for the proper counting of votes in the 2020 election, far-left Antifa activists turned up and initiated violence. It was just one incident of far-left activists attacking people that they don’t agree with, in scenes that the American people have become familiar with over the last year.

Video footage shows thousands of Trump supporters gathering at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia, calling for full transparency into the election and the counting of votes. The protests were initiated over fears that battleground states were impacted by electoral fraud.

The footage also shows how Antifa militant physically assaulted Trump supporters, without provocation.

One man was seen bleeding from the head, and Olympia police officers used flash bangs and crowd control munitions to stop the far-left extremists from continuing their angry tirade.

The footage from reporter Katie Daviscourt showed a significant clash between Antifa and Trump supporters, causing several injuries. The man with the head injury, who is seen on video with blood on his face, said that he was attacked in the middle of another altercation initiated by Antifa.

Pro-Trump protests are appearing all over the country as questions arise about suspicious ballot dumps in battleground states that were overwhelmingly or entirely in favor of Joe Biden every time. President Donald Trump has received widespread criticism from the mainstream press, while Joe Biden has declared victory.

Until the electors cast their votes, however, the next president has not yet been decided – and, pending court cases, Joe Biden could well lose this election yet.