WHO Now Claims It Will Take “Years” To Find COVID Origin

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- The World Health Organization said this week that it expects the origins of the coronavirus outbreak would be able to be determined “fairly soon, within the next few years.”

The origin that Peter Daszak, a WHO investigator for the who made those comments, was referring to when the virus migrated from animals into humans. Daszak was speaking at a press briefing Wednesday in London that was organized by the Chatham House, a think tank.

Daszak, who is also president of EcoHealth Alliance, a group based in New York, said:

“There was a conduit from Wuhan to the provinces in South China, where the closest relative viruses to (the coronavirus) are found in bats.”

The most likely explanation, according to Daszak, is the trade of wildlife in Wuhan. He believes that’s the way the virus jumped to humans near the region. As soon as next week, the investigator and his team are expected to release a report that will show their initial conclusions based on a trip they made to Wuhan.

Regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus, Daszak said:

“I am convinced we’re going to find out fairly soon within the next few years. We can have real significant data on where this came from and how it emerged.”

Finding the initial animal reservoir that led to virus outbreaks often takes years. For example, Ebola first appeared in humans in 1976, and while many scientists believe it originates in bats, a live version of the virus has never been identified in any bats.

One theory that the WHO investigators have apparently ruled out for the coronavirus is a laboratory outbreak. Marion Koopmans, who is on the WHO team, said they considered various hypotheses for how the outbreak began, including an accident in a lab.

The investigation team visited three labs that are located the closest to the Huanan market that’s in Wuhan — where the first human cases of coronavirus were found. But, as Koopmans said:

“We concluded that it’s extremely unlikely that there was a lab accident.”

Another theory was that coronavirus spread on the packaging of tainted frozen seafood. While most scientists don’t believe that’s possible, Koopmans said, “we cannot completely rule it out.”

Throughout the entire investigation process, China has tried to influence the WHO team, taking them on wild goose chase missions with crazy theories. The country initially said they would welcome the WHO investigation team, but that didn’t happen as they promised.

The coronavirus has been significantly politicized, with China trying to rid itself of blame for the pandemic that has affected nearly every country on the planet.

Instead of trying to help WHO investigators, the Chinese Communist Party has been trying to cover up their tracks. It’s very similar to how they handled the outbreak when it officially began.

Instead of admitting that the outbreak was happening and notifying the world, China covered it up, which led to a huge outbreak that’s still going on nearly one and a half years later.