Yahoo News Reporter Admits Ballot Harvesting Linked To Ilhan Omar Plainly Illegal

( Jon Ward, an ultra-liberal Yahoo News reporter, recently retracted a statement regarding ballot harvesting in Minnesota that he made last October leading up to the presidential election.

In September, Project Veritas released a video that showed ballot harvesting taking place in the Minnesota district of Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar. The video showed some of her operatives were involved in voter fraud. Some of her operatives were paying people $200 in exchange for their general election ballot.

Some people close to the investigation revealed that Omar herself was the one who came up with the scheme to commit voter fraud. It was a bombshell report that Project Veritas was able to uncover.

Ward responded in way that only far-left hacks do — he defended the practice.

On September 30, at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, then-President Donald Trump said:

“What about Omar where she gets caught harvesting? What the hell is going on? I hope your U.S. attorney is involved. What is going on with Omar?”

In response, Ward said:

“Trump was referring to a series of videos released by a right-wing activist named James O’Keefe that claimed to show evidence of illegal behavior.

“O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, alleged that the videos showed illegal ballot collecting, referring to it as ‘ballot harvesting.’ But the practice of taking mail ballots to the post office or election office for others was legal for a roughly two-week period in Minnesota this summer due to court rulings.”

Of course, it was later revealed that Ward was 100% incorrect in his statement. And last week, Ward had to retract his statement. As Project Veritas posted on their site:

“Yahoo News’ Jon Ward falsely stated that Minnesota law allowed for unlimited ballot harvesting for a two week period during the summer of 2020. Ward’s statement came after Project Veritas exposed illegal ballot harvesting practices taking place in the state. He had to correct his original statement upon being notified, and updated the article to reflect that Minnesota law allows the handling of up to three ballots per person, not unlimited ballot harvesting as he initially suggested.”

O’Keefe led Project Veritas’ operations in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, and the team helped uncover multiple instances of voter fraud.

In New Hampshire, reporters for Veritas were easily able to vote by using the name of someone who is dead. In Colorado, reporters filmed an activist for Greenpeace who was boasting about how he could easily find ballots placed in trash cans that he could then mail in fraudulently.

Political operatives in North Carolina encouraged representatives of Project Veritas to vote — even if they weren’t citizens.

Back in 2016, Project Veritas filmed the Democratic election commissioner in Manhattan, Alan Schulkin, saying:

“It’s absurd. There is a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud. They put [people] in a bus and go from poll site to poll site.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio immediately fired Schulkin after those comments were made public.